Welcome to my photography blog


Stavros Toufexis
In my mind, the photographic inspiration was and is intertwined with the photographic communication, as a result of my personal desire for subjective expression of spiritual exhaltation and an aesthetic point of view to enter and understand what I see and take communion to my creativity. The dreamer or realistic visual image for me is cause for concern.

I believe that photography is not art elitist or inaccessible technique and do not want entrapment in artistic circles, even more at the moment when, according views recently expressed,  art can rediscover her lost subversiveness and vitality only through  groups and individuals.
“Tool for the photographer is his eye. He is not required to represent the world, to skew, to birth or to remove it, but just to "see" with his/her way ... how the eye would transform the world through the camera” says Platon Rivellis. That’s what I am doing here.  Based on my experiences and life scenes and  influenced by photographers 'be exhibited' to you for all these reasons and in order to communicate to the mutual benefit of both parties.